Reflecting on our goals for Term 3

Oral language development, self help skills and sensory development.

Term 3 has crept up and disappeared on us already, time fly’s when you’re having fun and we have had another beautiful term, the Toddlers have grown so much throughout the year and this term especially, they have all strengthened in every developmental area. In particular, the area of oral language development, we have some very effective communicators, as language is a huge part of our day, it melts our hearts to hear the new words we hear every day.

Through focusing on self-help skills, we have toddlers who now help make and pack away beds, find and care for their own belongings and each other’s, they are learning how to effectively wash their hands with a focus on not wasting our water, soap or paper towel.  Many are beginning to master toileting which is really tricky.

We also intentionally created opportunities for the children to further develop their sensory skills.  By exploring a variety of rich and meaningful inquiry-based experiences; slime, goop, playdough, foam, mud, paint with textures added, water and sand we have become confident and involved learners, some toddlers are not very keen on touching/feeling the textures so we will keep working on this area next term.  Exploring sensory play at home is lots of fun. To help you out here’s a link with some great ideas.  Remember with sensory play … Don’t Stress the mess!!

So what does next term look like in Toddlers?

Wow it’s Term 4 already!

KITCHEN FUN – we need your help.

A big part of Term 4 we will continue to work closely with your child on developing their toilet training and self-help skills.  We have noticed and observed a great interest in foods and cooking. Next term we intend to grow this interest further by adding more “play” food and kitchen type items to our room.  We’d love your help!  Please bring in your empty food cartons and containers for our kitchen/shop. Old butter containers with lids and twist top containers will help us improve our fine motor skills.

We love to climb high

Extending our love of climbing and jumping, next term we’ll be encouraging the children to “take risk” jumping high, running fast and balancing on our big logs!

A little reminder of what your child needs to ensure their day runs smoothly at Just Kids.

  • A water bottle that is clearly named.
  • A hat that is clearly named, your child’s hat can be left at JK and then be taken home at the end of the week to be washed.
  • A lunch box full of healthy food options.
  • We ask that you please bring a piece of fruit each day and place it in the kitchen to share for morning tea.
  • Sheets for rest time. Please put them in a pillowcase to keep them separated from others.
  • Lots of spare old clothes, we love water and sand play.
  • Please bring 4 or 5 nappies per day. You are welcome to bring a pack of nappies to keep at JK, we will let you know when they are running low.

Staff Holidays

Over the school holiday period, Monday 23rd September to Monday 7th Oct Miss Jodie will be on holidays. Miss Dee and Miss Jayde will be working full time in our Toddler room during this time.

Thinking ahead to 2020

Believe it or not this is the time of year that Hayley and our team begin to look towards 2020.  In October you will receive a letter asking you to identify what your child care needs look like for 2020. Do you need/want the same days?  Are your days changing next year.

At this stage all of our lovely Toddlers will be transitioning into our Junior Kindy room altogether. How special!

If you’d like to discuss this further please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to have a coffee and conversation with you.

Miss Jodie, Miss Dee and Miss Jayde.