Welcome to Kindy room

Mitsu and Jazz are excited to open the Kindy room and to have your wonderful children in the room for the next 10 weeks.

We will do our best to ensure that each child is happy and safe with many learning experiences in this upcoming term.

At the beginning of term 4 in Kindy room we will focus on “Belonging to Kindy” Lots of group activities, exploration the vegetable garden, group art activities and swimming lessons with Mr, Heath and Ms Rachel..

I strongly believe that it is the educators main focus to encourage the children to build their confidence and their creativity. Both Jazz and I look forward to encouraging and supporting your child whilst on their Kindy room journey.

We believe that parents- educator relationships are necessary for maximum success for this term so please let us at anything how we can help.

Swimming term 4

We will start swimming session term 4 with Mr Heath and Ms, Rachel every Friday from 11th October.

Kindy and Pre-prep children will go to the Gordonvale public swimming pool by the bus every Friday from 9;30am to 11;00am.

Please hand back swimming permission form to us next week.

Finally, we are looking forward to seeing all of you next week.

Kind Regards,

Mitsu and Jazz

Kindy room routine

08:00am – Outdoor program and free play at the back and front yard.

09:00am – Tidy up the yard/ transition to kindy room.

09:15am – Morning group connection time /program session.

09:30am – Morning tea time after wash hands.

09:50am – Indoor/outdoor  program exploration/Educator and child initiated activities and program play.

11:20am – Morning reflection time and story or group time.

11:30am – Lunch time

12:00pm>2:00pm – Prepare the bed and rest time / quiet activities.

02:00pm – Inside/outside exploration..

02:45pm – Daily reflection time.

03:00pm – Afternoon tea/inside and outside exploration.