Pre Prep

Dear Pre Prep families,

Well here we are again after another busy and fun term here at JK Gordonvale.

We cannot believe how the time is flying this year.

Thank you to those parents that booked in their coffee conversations with us during this term. It is always valuable for us all to come together to talk about your children.

Making sure we are providing the best circle of care possible.

We are always available to make time with you to talk about your children.

Feel free to book in a conversation any time.

Term 3 Pre-prep-reflections

During the Term we have been looking at Literacy as our focus. Some children are showing keen interest in name recognition, writing and letters now.

As always, we will follow their lead and we have created some name recognition cards. Encouraging these to be used during group sessions as well as to be copied if they want to write their own name on to artwork.

As we approach Term 4 we will be looking more into these type of activities as to prepare your child for their big school journey.

JGFA(Jamie Gosling Football Academy) session term 3

JGFA term 3 session focused on ball control skill and mini soccer games during the session every week.

They separate into teams which were blue, red, white and green with a special uniform then they had some games.

All of the children especially the boys were very excited to score a goal.

There were some tears because they couldn’t get a goal, but that’s absolutely fine, the most important thing is they do the best all the time, as an important part of learning.

Unfortunately, we do not have JGFA soccer session next term but we will start

swimming again from Friday 11th October with Mr Heath.

Indigenous fire activities and Japanese writing inspired the indigenous book and children’s activities

Some of the children pretended to make a camping fire from their weekend experience.

We decided to show Pre-prep the indigenous book about how people to get fire and their special music instrumental with seed pods.

All of the children copied Mitsu and YouTube video and Pre- prep copied perfectly all the time.

Of course, we tried to do face mud painting the same as in the book.

As literacy exploration we tried to write “Tree” and ”Fire” in Japanese.

We will focus on more literacy exploring activity next term as well.



Healthy and nutritious lunches

As your children are growing and developing their little bodies and brains at such a fast rate it is of upmost importance that you are providing them with the healthy, nutritious food that they need to fuel themselves through their day.

This is a loving a gentle reminder that here at Just Kids we are trying to follow a low sodium, low sugar food options for our little people. WATER is enough, no poppers please.

Try to send less packaged/processed goods and aim for a packet free lunch box.

Think whole healthy fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy products.

Please visit for some healthy lunch box ideas.

We can help you with any ideas and questions.

Please remember to bring in a piece of fruit daily for our communal bowl on the kitchen bench. This gets shared for the morning tea fruit salad.


We know that the children love to bring in some show and share from home and we love to support this.

However, can we please make sure that these are rich, learning aids.

Can you imagine if 24 children all brought in some toys on the same day and us trying to keep track of each of them to ensure that they do not get lost or broken? As well as letting our day run smooth.

We encourage photos, souvenirs from holidays, enquiry based toys.

Thankyou so much for helping with this!!

What does Term 4 look like in Pre-Prep?

As we approach the final term in Pre-Prep we will begin to look forward to 2020 and how it looks for your family.

As the children head of to different schools or remain here at JK for next year we will begin to have lots of conversations about transition processes and support.

It will be a huge journey for some of us and if we can gain information and allow the children to visit the school environment as much as possible will help the children to feel safe and comfortable when they make the transition.

We have already made a few ‘Beyond JK’ experiences this year and aim to continue and expand on these next term.

As well as the end of year celebrations and Pre Prep graduation night to look forward to.

Many thanks for your continued support and trust in caring for your beautiful children.

With love,

Miss Jodie and Mitsu