Reflections and Feeback

Erica’s Just Kids Story

My association with Just Kids began in 2005 when my first son was 17 months old.

I have since enjoyed the privilege of having my subsequent 3 children also attend Just Kids.

Over the past 12 years, we have watched this little centre grow, not so much in size, but in the ability to articulate the philosophies behind their practices. The humanitarian values which, while ever-present under the ownership of Elizabeth and Bruce Ennis, blossomed remarkably when Hayley and Heath Williams purchased the centre in 2010. Just Kids has evolved to become a little pioneer with a heart as big as the Just Kids House itself.

The warm undercurrent of sound values combines with progressive early childhood pedagological philosophies welcomes families and staff from a broad range of backgrounds, providing an inclusive, nurturing space for growth.

As a place of learning, the educators at J.K. skillfully reinforce the importance of maintaining a beginners mind, an adventurer’s resilience all-the-while exuding a promise that in their practice, when they know better, they will do better. Ever-ready to improve themselves in the interest of doing what’s best for the children in their care.

Reflections and feedback – The JK Way
June 2018