Our Values

The Just Kids values define the behaviour needed to drive the Just Kids Way.


  • Be accountable and comply with the Just Kids Way, policy, procedures and relevant legislation.
  • Be dependable and responsible for your own behaviour and actions.
  • Understand the purpose and relevance of programming.
  • Establish a safe and secure environment for trust to flourish.
  • Seek advice and/or authorisations before undertaking any action or activity of which you are
  • unsure.


  • Have the courage to respond and adapt to change.
  • Express opinions and ideas to contribute to challenges, creativity and change.
  • Learn to invent, ideate and create to solve problems.
  • Be adaptable and innovative and able to pivot when required.
  • Engage in brave conversations speaking your truth with emotional maturity.


  • Be consistently ‘can do’ and focus on achieving professional milestones.
  • Take professional risks and be adventurous in your thinking.
  • Celebrate achievements. Be ok with awesome.
  • Stay current and progressive in your learning, skills, talent and experience.
  • Love your strengths and talents and share them with others.



  • Build genuine relationships & interpersonal connections with children, parents and staff.
  • Be an active part of the early learning network.
  • Treat people fairly and with respect.
  • Work in a socially inclusive team committed to collaborative practice.
  • Be open to diversity and socially inclusive of differences.


  • Adopt a curious mindset, always looking to learn and grow.
  • Use objective data and professional inquiry to measure your professional performance.
  • Embrace reflective practice and embed it in all that you do.
  • Continuously improve your professional practice.
  • Aim for excellence in your knowledge, skills and attributes.



  • Look ahead with optimism when you have a tough day.
  • Create hope for a better tomorrow when others are challenged.
  • Work collaboratively with others to shape the learners of tomorrow.
  • Act with JK Confidence: i.e. have the resolve, courage, willpower, self-love, insight and optimism to believe in oneself to take risks, make mistakes, learn from them and grow.