Welcome to Term 4

Hello everyone and welcome to our Term 4 Newsletter.  I simply cannot believe we are in term 4 and the end of the year is fast approaching.  As always there’s heaps in this term’s newsletter and I encourage everyone to click on your child’s learning room to read about all of the magic learning moments from term 3 as well as what our teams have planned for Term 4.

Certainly one of our biggest Magic Moments from this term has been the continuation of our amazing intergenerational program with the Pyramid Residential Care Centre. The excitement, the love, the pure joy on the faces of our children, the residents and all of the staff is quite simply priceless.  We caught the attention of the newspapers, the radio and the Channel Nine News this term and it is our absolute intention for the program to become embedded in our programs each month at JK. Fast becoming part of “The JK Way”.  If you’d like to read more about this program and view the TV footage please visit our website www.justkids.net.au

This term all of our Learning Rooms will be having a major focus on nutrition for our children.  We will be celebrating National Nutrition week from Monday 14th October.  We are encouraging all families to bring in fruit of all shapes and colours.  Let’s encourage our children to “Eat a Rainbow”

It’s also a big term for all of our Pre Prep children who are off to school next year in 2020. Not long to go now!  JK has worked closely with all of our local primary schools throughout the year and we look forward to watching our Pre Prep children visits these schools over the next term.

We’ve welcomed many new families to our JK family this term. So many that we’ve now opened our Kindy Room, under the watchful eye of Mitsu and Jasmin.  In just over 1 year our little JK House has grown so much, welcoming over 90 children in just our first year!  And we think that’s worth celebrating.  To help celebrate and so say thank you to all of our current JK Gordonvale families we are having a party and you are invited.  E Invitations for our 1st Birthday Celebrations have been emailed, we look forward to seeing you and your family there as we celebrate turning 1.


Hayley and Heath Williams