Junior Kindy Two

Thank you for another wonderful term. We’ve loved seeing all the growth and development that has happened over the last 10 weeks.

Emotional and oral language development

This term we  focused on our emotional development and how to better communicate our feelings; both verbally and non verbally. Through this our oral language has taken off in leaps and bounds and we have started to see beautiful conversations happening daily between the children and the children with the educators. Not just on how we are feeling but as input about the day, experiences they would like to engage in and things we need to change (“Miss  Jess it’s too hot in the middle room for lunch”).

This was also  made evident through many gorgeous conversational reading moments shared during book week. The children loved choosing many of the magical books displayed during book fair to sit one on one or in pairs with Miss Jess to discover new adventures and stories on every page. We loved hearing the stories you came up with to go with the books chosen.

Backyard buddy mornings

This term we have also started spending some mornings in the back yard with the children from Pre Prep. This time has been spent exploring the backyard learning environment and getting comfortable out there with the “big kids” in preparation for the transition upstairs for the children who move up.

So what does next term look like in Junior Kindy Two?

Wow it’s Term 4 already!

Recycled art – We need your help

As a focus for term 4 we will be further exploring our interest in  loose part play and building through recycled/up-cycled art..  We would love to extend on this with items brought in from home such as cardboard boxes, tubes, soft drink bottles, lids and egg cartons.

This is me

We will also continue to celebrate our uniqueness and individuality through capturing voices and conversations had with the children. These will be continually added to the walls in our reading area.

Show and share

With all of the beautiful oral language development we have seen this term I would again like to invite and encourage each child in JK2 to bring along Show and Share. Not only will this help continue language development but also boost confidence and help us get to know even more about our beautiful families. Show and Share can be something from nature, photos from your weekend/ holidays or books your child loves. *please avoid sending toys as we would hate for them to become misplaced or broken, we have plenty of wonderful things to play with at JK.

Show and Tell Part One – The Benefits of Show and Tell

A little reminder of what your child needs to ensure their day runs smoothly at Just Kids.

  • A water bottle that is clearly named.
  • A hat that is clearly named, your child’s hat can be left at JK and then be taken home at the end of the week to be washed.
  • A lunch box full of healthy food options.
  • We ask that you please bring a piece of fruit each day and place it in the kitchen to share for morning tea.
  • Sheets for rest time. Please put them in a pillowcase or bag to keep them separated from others.
  • Lots of spare old clothes, we love water and sand play and messy art experiences
  • Please bring 4 or 5 nappies per day. You are welcome to bring a pack of nappies to keep at JK, we will let you know when they are running low. Also lots of pairs of underwear AND shorts for those who are toilet training.

Staff holidays

Miss Jess will be away 28th October to the 4th of November

Miss Shilpa will be away 25th of October to 4th November

Miss Carol will be away 7th November until the 2nd of December

Up coming dates

Queens birthday Monday 7th  October Just Kids Closed

Spot theatre performance Tuesday 15th October

JK Toy Sale Saturday 9th November 9am-2pm

Christmas Celebrations 28th November 6-8pm

Christmas and renovation closure 24th December until 17th January


Thanks for another amazing term everyone,


Miss Jess, Miss Shilpa and Miss Carol J