We are heading into Term 4 and it’s going to be another busy and fulfill term.

I would like to say welcome the new children and families who joined in this term.

We hope that you feel welcomed and hope that you and your child become settled and feel apart of our JK family.

Through Term 3 we encouraged the children to enhance physical development through the activities such as walking on the beam, throwing, kicking and catching balls, doing a forward rolling on the mat. The children showed their ability and interest individually and I can see much difference between the first week of the tem and now.

Another focus on this term was building up positive relationships with peers. We noticed that most of children recognized who’s belongings and tried to help to pass them over. When someone was upset they came to pat the friend’s back and brought some toys to make calm down. That is one example. We can see many situations they look after each other.

In Term 4 we will continue to encourage the children to develop self-helping skills through the daily routine. As you know your child loved to packing up the plate, wiping the table, sweeping the floor.

Many children showed interests counting the numbers randomly, so we focus on the numeracy related activities in Term 4.

Christmas Concert at JK is around the corner! We are practicing the dance with songs everyday as the routines. We hope they can show their talent in front of the public! Honestly their dancing is so cute to watch.

It’s getting warmer in the late morning and afternoon, so definitely the children will have a fun with water play through the day.

Little Reminders

Please make sure that all the child’s belongings are labeled, this includes:

  • All clothing; shirts, pants, jumpers, shoes, hat, etc.
  • Water bottles
  • Lunch box and separated small containers
  • Sheet, blanket, sleeping bag and comforter

Bring some extra clothes (we strongly recommend used/old clothes) due to messy activities

Healthy lunch box- please pack less sugar contained snacks such as rice crackers, dried fruits, nuts excluding icing sugar coated biscuits, lamington, choc chip cookie

Coffee conversation with Hayley and me is always welcome. Simply send email or call us to request the date.

Calendar Events

Monday 7th October : Public Holiday – Queen’s Birthday

Thursday 28th November : Christmas Concert at JK

Tuesday 24th December : Christmas Eve Early Closing – JK will be closed at 4pm

Wednesday 25th December – Friday 17th January 2020 : JK will be closed for Renovation

Monday 20th January 2020 : Center will reopen

Kimie Annual Leave

Monday 16th September – Wednesday 9th October

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