Term 2 : Junior Kindy 2

Term 2 Reflections

Hello Everyone!

Firstly we’d love to thank you all for another great term in Junior Kindy 2.
We’ve shared some beautiful learning moments, celebrated birthdays, said goodbyes and started exploring new ways of delivering our daily programming information to you all. Here’s a bit more information about what Term 2 looked like:

Very Hungry Caterpillar

We framed a lot of our learning around the much-loved children’s story which celebrated its golden anniversary this year!

The story gave us the opportunity to explore early numeracy concepts, descriptive language, healthy eating and how to care for our surrounding environments.

The Australian Abecedarian Approach or ‘3a’

Term 2 also saw Miss Jess undergo 3a training to become a 3a practitioner. This opened up many more opportunities to really dive deep into our learning through the use of enriched care giving, learning games and using language priority through conversational reading.
Thank you so much for all the input from families and beautiful books we were able to share this term!

Changes to the White Board

As many of you will have noticed by now the white board has changed.. A LOT! I know it has been a little tricky to get used to, but we are aiming to deliver information to you in a condensed format that is easy to read/ understand. So, what does that look like? Less bulky educational speak, more broken down, factual to the point information on what has happened during the day/ week; framed by our current learning themes.

*Please remember to check your child’s ‘Frozen Moments’ peg for more photos that may have not made it to the whiteboard for the day. We are also all available for a chat if you would like more information at the end of the day.

Beyond JK

This term we also embarked on our first Beyond JK with Junior Kindy 2.

It was an exciting adventure out to Gordonvale for the teddy bears picnic. This is a great way for children to form connections with their surrounding communities while shaking up the daily routine. And something will endeavour to do more of in Term 3.

What does term 3 look like?!?

  • Looking at better understanding our emotions. What our different emotions look, feel and sound like. And working through to self-regulate in tricky situations
  • We will also be focussing on our victories and achievements in which will be displayed in our Junior Kindy 2 dining area in a way that celebrates each child as an individual.

More adventures beyond JK!

Useful Links

Importance of art in the early years setting

Important dates for Term 3

  • 19th July- Cairns show public holiday (JK closed)
  • 17th– 23rd August-Book week
  • 23rd of August- whole centre dress up day
  • 2nd September- Father’s Day morning

Again, thank you to all of our amazing families, we love being able to work alongside each and every one of you to help with the early education of your children.

Bring on Term 3!

Miss Jess, Miss Shilpa and Miss Carol