Term 2 : Junior Kindy 1

Here we are at the end of Term 2, what an amazing learning journey we have had in JK 1.

Welcome to our new children and families who joined in this term. Amazingly they settled into  the room so smoothly and participated in the daily activities and routines. Understandably parents may have felt anxious about their child appearing unsettled at drop off time in the morning. The truth is they are quite happy to play as soon as parents departed.

Through Term 2 we focused on learning about colors and shapes, through many different activities.  I’ve observed how they have developed, enhanced, and recognized the growth in their language skills. The children are always showing an interest when I prepare activities such as painting, transferring and sorting materials, play-dough etc. I am so glad to see their excitement and participation with the activities.

It is a perfect weather to stay outside and engage in garden activities such as; touching soil, rocks, plants, fruits, seeds and flowers. They appeared to really like exploring and walking in the garden, looking after nature, especially watering the plants, their most requested activity.

In Term 3 we will continue to explore the natural environment such as planting flowers and seeds and observing them as well as looking after them.

During my observations of the children, I noticed that their physical development such as climbing and jumping are quite challenging, as Toddlers are physically top heavy.  Term 3 we will encourage them to enhance their Gross Motor skills whilst taking reasonable risks in a safe environment.

Another focus is building their self-helping skills in daily transitions. They are so proud of helping us to tidy up the toys, sweeping the floor, wiping the table, passing their friend’s belongings. All these activities assist with building respect for belongings and surrounds. Putting their shoes on and getting dressed are a good start to lean self-helping skills even though they struggle to achieve the challenge. We always encourage them to complete the task they want with a little assist.

We recognized that the children are interacting more with each other as they move form parallel play. We encourage them to learn about social skills of turn taking, showing empathy for peers and identifying and discussing emotions.

Little Reminders

New families please email a family photo for us to print and put on our family tree.

Please make sure that all the child’s belongings are labeled, this includes:

  • All clothing; shirts, pants, jumpers, shoes, hat, etc.
  • Water bottles
  • Lunch box and separated small containers
  • Sheet, blanket, sleeping bag and comforter

Bring some extra clothes in the bag including the jumpers due to the cold weather in the late afternoon.

Coffee conversation with Hayley or Rachael and I are always welcome. Simply send email or call us to request the date.

Calendar Events

Public Holiday

  • Cairns Show Day Friday 19th July


Book Week

  • Monday 14th August – Friday 23rd August


Just Kids Dress-up Day

  • Friday 23rd August

We would love all children to come along dressed as their favorite book character.

Educators will also be dressing up and of course lots of photos will be taken.


Morning for Dad

  • Monday 2nd September


Kimie Annual Leave

Monday 16th September – Wednesday 9th October


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