Term 2 : Pre Prep Soccer & Swimming

Our Pre Prep children have enjoyed a fun filled term in our learning to swim program with Mr, Heath, and how to control the soccer ball with the JGFA coaches.

Building confidence and following direction and instruction whilst we walk from Just Kids to Gordonvale state school and the Gordonvale public pool.

That was a big change for the children but they have done an amazing job and shown us how responsible and  confident they are.

This term is soccer the children not only improved their ball skills and co ordination  , they also learnt how to work as a team. Their gross motor skills , strength , endurance and agility have improved so much.

This term in  swimming we focused on self rescue. The method of Roll and rest was introduced and ‘monkey monkey’ to safe point of the pool where the child can climb out independently. Potentially a lifesaving skill that the children can now build upon and practice. This is such an amazing learning opportunity of Aquatic Education and, listening to instruction, co-ordination , turn taking and gross motor skill strengthening.

We will keep doing these valuable physical activities for term three as well.