Term 2 : Toddlers

Dear Families,

Thank you all for sharing another lovely term with our JK family, we have shared lots of meaningful learning experiences this term. Our main focus was sustainability, our toddlers loved visiting the garden and helping care for the food growing, by watering them with our spray bottles and weeding, and they love to look at the vibrant colours of the leaves and flowers.

We also encourage the children to be responsible with water, soap and paper towels during hand washing and we always ensure to turn off our air-conditioner before leaving the room. Regular conversations and actions built into their daily routine, assist in building awareness of sustainability .

We have seen so much growth in our toddlers  this term , as they confidently explore and engage with social and physical environments through relationships and play; from learning nursery rhymes or thier actions, learning names of colours, developing strong sensory-motor skills through drawing, art, and stacking objects, exploring risky play while climbing and balancing on logs or whatever else they can stack up.

Next term we will continue to care for our gardens and keep up our sustainability practices, while moving on to outcome 2 of the EYLF : Children are connected with and contribute to their world by developing self help skills ; like helping with the making and packing up of beds, getting our own lunch boxes from the big fridge, and caring for our equipment by safely packing things away when we are finished with them. If any families feel their child is ready to start their toilet training journey please come and chat with us about how we can help.

Please visit this link for some toilet training development

This term we welcome Miss Dee to our room, she will bring to our room her Montessori and Abecedarian knowledge and experience. We look forward to the many enriched learning experiences Miss Dee has to share with us.

A little reminder of what your child needs to ensure their day runs smoothly at Just Kids.

  • A water bottle that is clearly named.
  • A hat that is clearly named, your child’s hat can be left at JK and then be taken home at the end of the week to be washed.
  • A lunch box full of healthy food options.
  • We ask that you please bring a piece of fruit each day and place it in the kitchen to share for morning tea.
  • Sheets for rest time. Please put them in a pillow case to keep them separated from others.
  • Lots of spare old clothes, we love water and sand play.
  • Please bring 4 or 5 nappies per day. You are welcome to bring a pack of nappies to keep at JK, we will let you know when they are running low.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful term with us and we can’t wait to share another fantastic term. Please feel free to grab one of us for a chat or email to book a coffee conversation.

Miss Jodie, Miss Dee and Miss Jayde.