Term 2 : Nursery

On behalf of our Nursery teaching team ,we would like to welcome all our lovely new families to Just Kids Gordonvale. We have loved meeting you all, our new children have been settling in really well. Our beautiful Nursery family continues to grow we look forward to welcoming many more new families.

We are very excited with our new Three Sheep Sound Spa, white noise machine which has been helping our beautiful Nursery children drift to sleep and stay asleep without interruption.

The Three Sheep Sound Spa comes with 8 soothing sounds with auto-off timer, or constant sound – Heartbeat, White Noise, Birds, Ocean, Thunder Storm, River, Shushing, and a Lullaby.

Miss Hayley has also purchased the Aroma snooze sleep aid, it has 6 functions includes vaporiser ,light and sound  and the Digital Thermometer being a non- contact forehead measurement.

Please check out the company link ‘Snotty Noses’ to find out more information

Term 2  Community connect program

The Nursery children built a very strong connection with some of the residents from Pyramid Residential Care Centre who visited us at Just Kids Gordonvale throughout the term, as they became relevant, building a strong sense of belonging to our JK Nursery.

Jack loving cuddles with the elders, while then waving to everyone.

Abecedarian approach

Based on the children’s interests and abilities, we focused on developing the Abecedarian approach

We also focused on language priority and enriched care giving this term. A few examples of things we incorporate in our daily routine to help us achieve this are;

  • We use rich language with children of every age, do not wait until children are “old enough”-they already are.
  • Make every event of the day an occasion for language so that children will receive a lot of practice in talking, listening and back-and-forth language.
  • Develop vocabulary by labeling things, actions, and attributes.
  • Enriched caregiving = Care + Connection + Content

Term 3 We will be focusing on two areas – Healthy Eating and our Developmental Milestones

Healthy Eating

Term 3 The Nursery Team  will begin to cook each week, focusing on  different homemade purees, and eventually moving onto some solids to taste.

To begin with, we will be starting with the basic pureed fruits and /or vegetables to give our little tummies time to adjust.

The finely mashed or puree foods will be prepared by the educators at the beginning of each week, and correctly stored to ensure every baby gets an opportunity to taste throughout the week.
At the start of the week, the nursery educators will display a ‘Recipe of the Week,’ so that parents are able to view the recipe before it is offered to your child. We will always only add ingredients which are listed in each recipe, there will be no additives (like sodium, salt, sugar & preservatives)
We are also very pleased to share that we will also be incorporating fresh ingredients from the Just Kids Gordonvale vegetable garden which is located at the front of our center. The vegetable garden is an ongoing project lead by Gabby, one of our lovely nursery educators, and is very close to our hearts. We cannot wait to fill your child’s tummies with some homemade, fresh love! xx

Some links – introducing solids, and minimizing sodium, salt and sugars in foods



Developmental Milestones

Developmental milestones are our children’s behaviours or physical skills seen in our children as they grow and develop. Rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking are all considered milestones. The milestones change to reflect what is age and developmentally appropriate.

We are looking forward to working together closely with our lovely families watching the developmental progress with your child in several important areas with our Development Milestone Guide.

Please come and talk to Miss Anita if you have concerns about your child’s development.

To help ensure our learning room runs smooth each day here’s just a few helpful hints below again for new families:

  • A lunch box that is full of healthy food options. Lots of variety, with minimal sodium and sugars.
  • Water bottles and cups also milk bottles are clearly labelled please
  • Please ensure all your children’s belongings are labelled, this makes it easier for staff to pack your child’s belongings away.
  • Please collect your children’s wet and soiled clothes will be placed in wet and soiled container in Nursery bathroom area. (Tag will be attached to your child’s bag if they have wet or soiled items in container in bathroom area)
  • We have sudocrem nappy cream at Just kids, please complete a medication form if you would like us to apply the cream when required.
  • If your child has special nappy creams, please have chemist label on.
  • If your child requires their own wet wipes, please place name on
  • Dummy’s in small container or dummy cover on then place in black baske in Nursery kitchen this will help ensure personal hygiene
  • Could you please bring in some fruit or vegetables to put into the fruit bowl in nursery kitchen each day to share with their friends for morning tea.
  • We would love lots of old spare clothes each day for your child, we love to have waterplay also playing in the rain
  • Please bring up a box/pack of nappies to keep here and we will let you know when they are running low

Important Upcoming Dates


  • Cairns Show Day Public Holiday – 19th July


  • Book Week – 19th -23rd