Toddler Gordonvale

Our Toddler Learning Group Program

Abecedarian Approach, Individual Planning.

“We are 15 months and turning 2 years old …..Wow!”

At Just Kids, we understand that all children benefit from high quality education that focuses on each child’s interests and needs.  This is particularly important for children in our Toddler Learning Room.

Our teaching team in our Toddler Learning Room works together to guide, support and monitor the growth and development of each child.  Using the 3a Approach (Abecedarian Approach Australia) our staff provide stable and stimulating interactions with the children by engaging them in many rich and varied adult-child interaction activities, on a daily basis.  Our Toddler team is fully trained and qualified in the Abecedarian Approach Australia by the University of Melbourne.

Each child is individually monitored socially, emotionally, linguistically, physically and cognitively.  Our qualified and experienced staff are highly skilled in observing and interpreting children’s behaviour. They facilitate an on-going cycle of planning, interacting, monitoring and reflecting.