Kindy Gordonvale

Our Kindy Program

“We are 3 years, turning 4 years old …..Wow….sit back and watch our learning really take off!”

We are all very excited to be starting the new year here at Just Kids and adapting to the changes. For most, the biggest change is learning to come up our “curly” stairs everyday. Being combined with our Pre-Prep friends for some of the day upstairs allows the children to have access to all of the learning areas and gives them a greater opportunity to learn and discover new things.

It is at this point of a child’s development that experimentation, interaction with other children and the environment really begins to take place. In our Kindy Learning Room our teachers work together to facilitate an on-going cycle of planning, interacting, monitoring and reflecting. Our children help co-construct the curriculum and programs as they interact with our staff and other children at Just Kids.

Why “Play Based” Learning?

Brain development research believes that “Play” shapes the structural design of the brain. Play provides active exploration that assists in building and strengthening brain pathways. Play creates a brain that has increased “flexibility and improved potential for learning later in life.” (Lester & Russell, 2008, p9)

When children play, they make decisions for themselves, test and solve problems, develop thinking skills, learn to get along with others, use language to communicate their ideas and feelings and develop a positive view of themselves.