Junior Kindy Gordonvale

Our Junior Kindy Program

Our Unique Indoor Outdoor Program.

“We are 2 years, turning 3 years old … Wow, look at how much energy we have!”

At Just Kids, we understand that all children benefit from high quality education that focuses on each child’s interests and needs. This is particularly important for children in our Junior Kindy Learning Room. The rapid growth and changes that take place in children in the first three years of life are enormous; much more so than any other time of their lives.

The JK Way – Our Unique Indoor – Outdoor Program in Junior Kindy

Our Junior Kindy Learning Room specialises in offering our children a unique Indoor – Outdoor Program. Our doors leading to our outdoor environment are always open, allowing our children to move between inside and outside areas. The program is vitally important for our children as it increases their health and physical development. Children have the opportunity to use all their senses when playing indoors and outdoors. Children are naturally curious, and, by allowing them to explore the world around them, they can develop all of their senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, hear), in an exciting and stimulating way.

Through their play, our children help co-construct the curriculum and programs as they interact with our staff and the children of Just Kids. Using the 3a Approach (Abecedarian Approach Australia) our staff provide stable and stimulating interactions with the children by engaging them in many rich and varied adult-child interaction activities on a daily basis. Our Junior Kindy team is fully trained and qualified in the Abecedarian Approach Australia by the University of Melbourne.